Web Filtering

How much productivity is lost to employees surfing the web for non-business related activities? How exposed is your network to spyware, malware and viruses, due to questionable web sites? How much of your organizations bandwidth is wasted or diverted from critical business applications?

A big challenge businesses face today, is time wasted and productivity lost to non-work activities. Web content filtering can ensure your valuable bandwidth is dedicated to your organization’s business interest. Most small and medium sized businesses cannot afford the cost of an expensive on-premise web filtering solution that only protects users at the main site.  

Priority Network Solutions has the answer. We provide a cloud based web content filtering solution. Our service will protect your network from spyware/malware and viruses, while ensuring that your internet activities are work related. Users at your main office, branch offices and users who may be traveling with your company’s hardware can be filtered and protected. No longer will you have to worry that a laptop that has been traveling will come back to your office and infect your network with whatever it picked up along the way.

Some of the advantages of a cloud based web filtering solution are listed below.

Easy Implementation
Priority Network Solutions has a cloud-based solution that works with nearly every router or gateway device available, which means there is no costly equipment to purchase, install or maintain on site. Hosted in highly secure datacenters around the world, service updates and enhancements are delivered through the cloud instantly.

Proactive Security
Since infected sites are prevented from resolving on your customer's network, phishing attempts and malicious content are blocked from reaching your customer's network thereby providing the most efficient protection available. When we detect an infected machine on your network, Priority Network Solutions will be notified.

Centralized Management
A simple and intuitive dashboard lets us view and change network settings for your organization. Of course, we can also delegate control and/or send reports to your managers, too.

Whitelist & Blacklist
Priority Network Solutions provides whitelist and blacklist features enabling you to create exceptions to filtering rules. Always ensure that sites you need for your business are always available, regardless of the category they fit into.

Aside from reports available in the management console, you can also receive daily reports through email, detailing traffic, blocked sites and usage history.

Protection Anywhere
Unlike an on-premise hardware or software solution that only protects the users/network at that location, our cloud-based solution can protect your users no matter where they are. Main office, branch office and users that travel will be covered. Your company’s hardware will be protected no matter where it may go.





Cloud-Based Web Content Filtering Features


Globally-distributed network

SmartCache technology


Web content filtering

Proxy blocking

Block page bypass


Block page redirect


Phishing protection

Botnet protection

Malware site protection


Detailed reports and stats

Email reports

Archived stats and logs