Virtualization Services

By now, businesses of all sizes should be taking advantage of the many benefits of virtualization. We are no longer constrained by the one server to one application, one duty ratio. Now a physical server may host multiple virtual servers. By virtualizing your existing infrastructure you can lower your overall costs on the hardware you need to maintain. A single physical server could potentially host five, ten even fifteen virtual servers. Making your servers more dense, lowers your overall total cost of ownership and helps increase your return on investment. 

Priority Network Solutions has taken an active role in implementing virtualization solutions. Our staff has the experience and expertise to help you decide where virtualization can fit in to your organization. We offer several solutions and paths to achieve your goals, and to help you begin realizing your cost savings. 

Servers/Data Center
Priority Network Solutions has partnered with Vmware and Microsoft to provide solutions to virtualize and consolidate your data center. We can evaluate your current infrastructure and recommend a path to implement virtualization, and consolidate the hardware you need to maintain. Our recommendations will help you to maximize the cost savings while keeping the existing level of service unchanged. We’ll make recommendations for disaster recovery, high availability and plan a roadmap to completion that will fit your existing budget. 

Small-Medium Businesses
Priority Network Solutions has solutions for smaller organizations that have limited budgets but still want to implement virtualization that will also provide disaster recovery and high availability. Our solutions are geared to making the most out of your budget and put you on a path that will allow you to see the benefits of virtualization quickly. 

Never buy another desktop again! With our solutions on desktop virtualization, you can quickly see a cost savings on desktop hardware and desktop maintenance. How much would you save if you had one desktop per fifteen users? Or combine our desktop virtualization solutions with your server virtualization project and completely remove the need for desktop hardware altogether. Increase your desktop replacement schedule from every 3-5 years to every 6-10 years.  

Priority Network Solutions offers many ways to begin making use of virtualization in your environment. With the flexibility of the technology, we can mix and match the solutions to meet the goals you want to achieve and work within your budget.






Reasons to Virtualize

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Reduced Infrastructure Costs

Reduced Energy and Enviromental Costs

Reduce Administration Burden

Faster Server Deployment

Increased Flexibility

Better Performance

Redirect Unspent Capital

Benefits of Virtualization

Increase Hardware Utilization by 50-70%

Decrease Hardware and Software Capital Costs by 40%

Decrease Operating Costs by 50-70%

Increase Space Utilization

Increased Stability and Availability

Deploy Multiple Oses

Savings in Time/Deployment/Upgrades

Disaster Recovery

Snapshotting and Rollback