Spam Blocker Service

Almost every business is flooded with spam and virus-laden e-mails daily. These messages lower productivity, harm computers, and are a headache to manage.

Our cloud-based Spam Filtering Service provides your company with the protection it needs without the costly expense of onsite hardware or software. There are no yearly maintenance fees or costly feature upgrades. We take care of the setup and maintenance so you don’t have to.

How it Works

Each User Account receives a daily summary of blocked messages and are able to release their own blocked messages, and manage personal white lists easily. No more digging through logs, tweaking filters, and adjusting rules for the boss's lost e-mail from his second cousin.

Administrator Access

Administrator Accounts have just enough tools to manage the system, without having to stay up all night trying to block the latest Viagra ad. You can impersonate User Accounts, Generate Reports, and manage company lists.

All e-mail intended for your domain is first filtered by our Cloud-based Spam Blocker Services and while known spam and virus messages are quarantined all other messages come in as normal with only seconds of delay.

Scanning messages for spam content and virus patterns before they reach your network… before they cause your business harm, that’s the advantage of our cloud-based spam filtering.




Spam Filtering Feature List



Robust Filtering
Individual User Quarantine
User By User Rules
User Generated Whitelisting
Reporting By User



Image Scanning
Multiple RBL Checks
Multiple SURBL Checks
Bayesian Checks
File Attachment Scanning
Known Virus and Work Checks



Cloud Based Solution - No Hardware
Works With Any Email Server
Flexible, User Configuration