PNS Small Business Service

Priority Network Solutions is excited to introduce the PNS Small Business Service featuring the Intel Hybrid Cloud, an innovative program that allows you to access leading technology solutions without the initial capital expense associated with hardware and software purchases. The ability to “pay as you go, pay as you grow” considerably reduces your IT costs and increases your profitability and cash flow.

The PNS Small Business Service is essentially your IT server infrastructure “in a box”. It is a locally hosted Intel-based server with a comprehensive catalog of business software, including Microsoft Windows Small Business Server, offered through an affordable monthly subscription based model, all remotely managed and maintained by Priority Network Solutions via the cloud. However, as opposed to many “cloud” models, your data is securely housed on your premises and not stored off-site in a data center.

The affordable monthly subscription fee includes an Intel Hybrid Cloud compliant server preloaded with software applications we can help you select. We then provide remote monitoring, configuration and management of the server while you maintain control of your data. Your monthly costs will automatically adjust (increase or decrease) according to your usage.


Main Benefits:


Cloud-like Flexibility.  Complete flexibility in adding or removing users as well as software applications means the solution and its cost structure will always be the right size for your organization.

Ease of Use. Eliminate the complexity of software licensing and renewals as the licenses are automatically included in your monthly service fee.

Security. With an on-premises server, you can keep your data on-site and under your control.

Remote Management. As our experts pro-actively manage the IT infrastructure you can focus on building your business rather than worrying about IT concerns.

Affordable. “Pay as you go, pay as you grow” model helps you to control your IT budget and accurately forecast ongoing expenses.


In summary, the PNS Small Business Service, backed by the Intel Hybrid Cloud, offers the best of both worlds: cloud-like flexibility of a subscription based model and, unlike a pure cloud solution, an on-site server keeps your data secure and lessens reliance on an internet connection.









Small Business Service Benefits


Three Year Hardware Refresh

Cloud Like Flexibility

Simplified Licensing

Only Pay For What You Use

Control Your Data

Remotely Managed

Access To A Catalog of Small Business Software



Pay As You Go Applications Include


Server OS

Email/File Sharing/IM

Firewall Appliances


Remote Management


Vertical Applications

And More Coming Soon…