PNS Cloud

With technology and hardware needs changing at the speed of innovation, today’s companies are looking for smart alternatives to building and maintaining their own IT infrastructures. Enter Priority Network Solutions on-demand hosting solutions, which offer you a trusted “network cloud” of computing infrastructure, our 99.999% availability guarantee, and a predictable monthly bill.

We are redefining how companies acquire and manage their technology infrastructures. Leveraging our partnerships with best of breed vendors such as VMware®, and Cisco®, we provide a completely scalable set of solutions that can be enabled on-demand.

PNS utilizes our own combination of datacenters, enterprise class infrastructure, and network connectivity where we can host elements of your IT infrastructure as an on-demand computing layer. This cloud computing model delivers the ultimate in computing power as a service.

Benefits of Cloud Computing:

  • Use IT personnel to move key business priorities forward, helping your company innovate faster.
  • Benefit from a constantly evolving "network cloud" and free yourself from consistently costly and time consuming hardware upgrades.
  • Shift IT Infrastructure spending from a capital expenditure to a monthly operational expenditure.
  • Pay predictable monthly fees for our services, rather than outlay up-front investments in capital-intensive and depreciating equipment.
  • Free up working capital from infrastructure costs to focus on core business elements such as research, product development, operations, sales, marketing, and growth.
  • Pay only for the infrastructure required today, rather than invest in unpredictable future needs.

Our objective is to help your organization focus on its core business, so that you can focus on your goals and achieve bottom-line results.


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