Managed Services

Managed services allow businesses to take advantage of a team of IT experts without having to fund the expense of full time employees.

Many small and medium sized businesses run into a common problem. They need qualified IT staff and network support, but cannot justify the cost associated with hiring a network engineer and/or a network administrator. Most businesses do not have the amount of work needed to keep multiple full time employees busy or productive.

Managed Services solves these issues by providing dedicated staff to build and support your network/computing environment. Our experts will provide hardware, software and technical expertise to manage and monitor your network. Managed Services allow us to provide support to existing staff, or simply take over management of your entire network.

Below are some of the advantages of using Managed Services from Priority Network Solutions.


No Need For Dedicated IT Staff
Full time dedicated IT staff have many cost factors like salary, benefits, bonuses, vacation, and many others. The cost associated with a full time person adds up quickly. Perhaps you only have a small handful of computers to manage that doesn’t justify the salary of a full time employee. Priority Network Solutions can provide you with an IT team without the expense to manage your network.

Proactive Response to Issues

Our managed services platform provides early detection of impending issues. We can work to resolve many issues before they can affect your network and your employees' productivity. Most times, we will know of your issues and have them resolved before you ever see them.


No Management Software Costs
The expense of managing your network doesn’t stop at having full time IT staff. You need the tools to manage your network and resolve your issues. With Priority Network Solutions’ managed services, you don’t need to buy any software. We install, setup, monitor and maintain the software needed to manage your computers and equipment. As technology advances, so does our platform, saving you the expense of maintaining multiple software packages.


Our Team of Experts
Priority Network Solutions has a team of certified engineers that cover the best credentials in the industry. Our engineers maintain a high level of certification with regular training and testing as the industry moves forward. Because we server many businesses, we can afford to have highly certified engineers manage your network. It’s like having a whole team of experts in your IT department.


Fixed Cost and Service Level Agreements
Priority Network Solutions knows how to keep your costs low and your network value high. With low monthly costs you will be able to take full advantage of our staff to bring you the best service possible. Service level agreements  assures you that we will deliver what we promise, when we promise it. Managed services from Priority Network Solutions takes the headache out of running your network and makes IT simple.



Managed Services – Service List

Support Services

Unlimited Email Support

Unlimited Phone Support

Unlimited Remote Control Support

Discounted On-site Support

Network Documentation and Diagraming

Online Helpdesk Ticketing

Maintenance Services

Remote Support

Microsoft Patch Management

Monitoring - Hardware and Software, Network Services

Service Availability Monitoring

Event Log Monitoring

Drive Space Monitoring

Proactive System Maintenance

Reporting - Executive Summary

Reporting - Detailed - System/Network Health, License Management

Reporting - Hardware and Software Inventory Auditing

Application Blocker

Automated System Maintenance

Printer Setting Management

Quarterly Onsite Maintenance - As needed

Desktop Optimization and Maintenance

VPN Client Management

Asset Lifecycle Management

Security Services

Antivirus Software Maintenance and Updates

Non Microsoft Software Patch Management

File Sharing Permissions

User Account Administration

Application Services

Microsoft Exchange Maintenance and Administration

Backup Monitoring and Administration - Onsite or Online Backup

Microsoft SQL Application

Other Email support


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