Disaster Recovery

PNS BDR is more than just a file level backup. It's a backup and disaster recovery solution. We'll work with you to determine which systems are critical and select the best options to keep your business up and running in case of a failure. We will test, maintain and monitor your backup solution to give you peace of mind that your business is protected.

What is PNS BDR?

PNS BDR is disk-based backup and disaster recovery with the ability to backup everything and recover anywhere. This enormous flexibility lets you use PNS BDR to replicate servers locally, off-site or in the cloud. Migrate to new server hardware or any virtual machine environment and back again. Failover servers in a matter of minutes by using VirtualBoot to boot the server as a VM.

Protect all of the information on your servers, desktops and laptops. In the event of a disaster, it only takes a few short minutes to access lost or missing data, or completely recover a system.

Combined with PNS Cloud, your business will have an offsite, failover datacenter at your disposal. Store your backups in your private cloud, and in the advent of a disaster at your business, power on your servers in the cloud to keep your business running.

Our solution gives you the flexibility of onsite and offsite options in your backup plan.





Flat Monthly Fee

Bare Metal Recovery

Recovery to Same or Dissimilar Hardware

Complete System Backup

Supports Exchange, SQL and Other Applications

Simple File and Folder Recovery From Point-in-Time Backup Image

Supports Multiple Virtual Environments

Backup to Any Disk Device

Centralized Management

Verification and Reverification of Backup Images

Simplified Migration of Servers