PNS Launches PNS Small Business Service!

posted Oct 4, 2011, 7:45 AM by John Ungerer
Priority Network Solutions
Flip the Switch for Affordable IT Services with the PNS Small Business Service, enabled by the Intel Hybrid Cloud!

Wouldn’t it be great if IT services in your business just happened?

Like electricity for example, it’s just there and you only pay for what you use each month.  What if IT was just there and you only paid for what you used?  

Priority Network Solutions recognizes that business owners like you don’t need the cost and headache of purchasing and managing an IT environment and trust that an innovative new concept, the PNS Small Business Service, will alleviate your concerns.   

With Priority Network Solutions' new offering of the PNS Small Business Service, backed by the Intel Hybrid Cloud, you can afford the same kinds of full featured services and solutions large companies use which will help you stay competitive and efficient.  Streamline your company’s operations with centralized file sharing and printing, e-mail, Internet connectivity, and the ability to create intranets. This helps you and your staff to easily share thoughts, ideas, calendars, and experiences, increasing your ability to seize opportunities. 

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