Backup and Disaster Recovery

posted Jun 27, 2011, 4:07 AM by John Ungerer

Priority Network Solutions Launches Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

New Solutions to Allow Enhanced Backup and Disaster Recovery Options


June 27, 2011, Hagerstown, MD Today Priority Network Solutions (PNS) launched PNS BDR, a new line of services and solutions that provides disk-based backup, disaster recovery and system migration software for Windows servers, desktops and laptops.  These services offer the ability to backup systems and data on any Windows system and recover it to any kind of environment: a virtual machine, physical hardware, or in the cloud.


“PNS BDR offers the flexibility needed to maximize existing IT resources with options for recovery to the same system, another virtual machine or even a different hypervisor ensuring limitless business continuity. Our highly competitive pricing makes system backup and disaster recovery affordable for hybrid environments in any organization, said Todd Shipway, Managing Partner of Priority Network Solutions.


Unlike other backup solutions, PNS BDR allows you to backup your servers and desktops to a local or online repository and perform a bare metal restore within minutes. In a disaster situation, using PNS BDR allows you to boot up a backup from any point in time within minutes and continue running your business from within PNS Cloud while the local server gets repaired. Once repaired, the disaster recovery server running in the cloud can easily and transparently be moved to the local server without downtime or data loss.


The marriage of disk-based backup and disaster recovery technologies with virtualization solutions provides administrators a very quick and easy way to backup and recover their systems. In the event of a disaster, recovery of the system and data takes minutes rather than hours. Administrators have the benefits of online and near-line disk based backups combined with the benefits of recovering a backup image to the same system, completely different system or to and from a virtual environment. These options are outlined as:

P2P Recovery from a physical system to the same or another physical system 

P2V Recovery from a physical system to a virtual environment.

V2P Recovery of a virtual environment to a physical system.

V2V Recovery from one virtual environment to another virtual environment.


About Priority Network Solutions:

Formed in 2011, John Ungerer and Todd Shipway decided to start a partnership to provide solutions to better network infrastructure management and true Cloud based services. PNS strives to help companies lower their overall IT budgets with smart planning and leveraging the power of the Cloud. Priority Network Solution's goal is to help companies work more efficiently, see increased return on investment and provide real solutions to every day IT headaches.  For more information, please visit or call 240-367-9870.